Ten key players of ILSA's Golden Team, winner of six consecutive national championships (1946-1951): Torok Gabor (1), Novak Jozsef (2), Norman Zoltan (3), Weinreich Lali (4), Adalbert Stãnescu (5), Bohunitzky Laszlo (6), Octavian Iosim (7), Balint Adalbert (8), Molnar Endre (9), Retscher Adalbert (10)
ILSA water polo team (1939). Photo taken during the pool inauguration festivities. From left to right: Bohunitzky Laszlo, Molnar Endre, Lusztig Laszlo, Balint Adalbert, Püllök Jenö, Freund Emerich, Norman Zoltan.
This 1940 photo shows the ILSA water polo team that finished second at Romania's national tournament held in Bucharest. Left to right: Coach Freund Emerich, Püllök Jenö, Retscher Adalbert, Balint Adalbert, Adalbert Sterbenz, Somlo Gyuri, Bader Emerich, Bohunitzky Laszlo, team manager Kürthy Ferenc.
Freund Emerich (photo 1939). Swimmer, water polo player, coach, mentor, referee.
Freund was an important contributor to ILSA's success on the national stage.
In 1945, he was named  the Secretary General of Romania's Swimming and Water Polo Federation.
Goalkeeper Norman Zoltan, Olympian and Maestru al Sportului (1940)
Future Maestru Emerit al Sportului Adalbert Sterbenz (Stănescu), at the beginning of his career (1939)
Four members of Romania's water polo national team, all from ILSA. From left to right: Novak Jozsef, Molnar Endre, Balint Adalbert and Adalbert Stănescu (photo 1954, in the Croatian city of Split)
Adalbert Stănescu receiving an award, with Balint Adalbert looking on (photo circa 1949)
Balint Adalbert (Toto) (left), a key player of ILSA's Golden Team, also a national champion swimmer. Selected to Romania's water polo national team. Coached Romania's water polo team to a 5th place finish at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome (photo 1939, with Balint Nora)
Olympian Norman Zoltan (right) and his daughter Miriam, pictured here with Keppich Gyuri, water polo player and one of Romania's best soccer (footbal) referees of the 1950s. Photo early 1950s.
Adalbert Stănescu (Sterbenz), the highest scoring player during the late 1940s and early 1950s for both ILSA's Golden Team and Romania's national team.
Future Olympian Norman Zoltan (right), with water polo player Varadi Gyuri (1940)
Adalbert Sterbenz (Stănescu) at the beginning of his ILSA career (1940)
Water polo players Balajti Pali (left) and Adalbert Sterbenz (Stănescu), future Maestru Emerit al Sportului (photo 1940)