- Native of Timisoara, nicknamed Apaca in Hungarian
- Played in ILSA's first-ever water polo team (1933)
- Selected to Romania's national water polo team (1934)
- Head coach of ILSA's swim and polo teams (1939-1945)
- A highly influential personality during the club's early years 
- Head of Romania's Swimming Federation (1945-1946)
- Coach of Dinamo Bucharest, national champion team (1957)
- Water polo referee in Romania's top league
- Soccer referee in Romania's Divizia A
Freund Emerich

- Multiple national champion swimmer (1933-1943)
- National champion in all freestyle distances (100-1500 meters)
- Holder of multiple national records
- Fierce rivalry with teammate Püllök Jenő
- Member of ILSA's Golden Team
- Member of Romania's national swim team
- Selected to Romania's national water polo team
- Swimming instructor at ILSA at the end of his athletic career
Bohunitzky Laszlo

- Originally from Hungary
- One of ILSA's earliest swimmers and water polo players
- Nine-time Romanian national champion in freestyle events
- Holder of multiple Romanian national records
- Fierce rivalry with teammate Bohunitzky Laszlo
- First in Timisoara to go under 30 seconds (50 meter freestyle)
- Selected to Romania's national water polo team
- Returned to Hungary during World War II
- Two-time Hungarian national champion (1941-1944)
- Retired from active sports in 1944
Püllök Jenő

- Surname at birth: Sterbenz
- Key member of ILSA's Golden Team
- Changed his surname from Sterbenz to Stănescu (1946)
- Member of Romania's water polo national team
- Scored 55 goals while playing for Romania's national team
- Played in the European Water Polo Championship in Italy (1954)
- Scoring champion in Romania's top water polo league
- Coach of ILSA's water polo team
- Honorary titles: Maestru Emerit al Sportului and Antrenor Emerit
- Water polo referee (1958-1968)
Adalbert Stănescu

- Started swimming in Lovas Peter's swim team
- Set two national records in butterfly events (early 1960s)
- Two-time national champion in 1963 (freestyle and butterfly)
- Selected to Romania's national swim team (early 1960s)
- Multiple times on the podium at national swimming finals
- Continued to swim competitively until 1967
- Graduate of Institutul de Educatie Fizica si Sport
- Took over Lovas Peter's swim team, after his defection (1970)
- Has produced a number of national champion swimmers
- Has coached recipients of the title of Maestru al Sportului
Codruța Sala

- Joined Lovas Peter's swim team circa 1961
- Specialized in 100 and 200 meter breaststroke
- National champion in 1964 (200 meter breaststroke)
- Graduate of the Institutul de Educație Fizică și Sport (1971)
- Started coaching at ILSA in 1971
- Has produced multiple national champions (various age groups)
- Has coached many swimmers who medaled at the national finals
- Coached the last contingent of swimmers at the ILSA pool
- Professor at Timisoara's Universitatea de Vest
- Became one of Romania's best kayakers
- Selected to Romania's national team (kayak)
Doina Penția

- Real name: Alexandru Cintian, nicknamed Cinti and Cinti-Bacsi
- Referred to as Cinteanu throughout his career
- Emerged in 1955 as a talented young swimmer and polo player
- Recruited by Dinamo Bucharest water polo team (1957)
- National champion with Dinamo Bucharest (1957)
- Back in Timisoara, joined Voința, a team playing in Divizia B
- ILSA's highest scoring player during the 1960s
- Coach of ILSA's polo team, after Adalbert Stănescu's retirement
- Led the water polo team back to Divizia A (early 1980s)
- Retired from coaching in 1984
- Credentialed water polo referee in Divizia A (1970s)
Alexandru Cinteanu

- Started to swim in Lovas Peter's team (late 1950s)
- National champion swimmer (early 1960s)
- Transitioned from swimming to modern pentathlon (mid 1960s)
- National champion, modern pentathlon (circa 1970)
- World Champion, Masters, modern pentathlon (Italy 1998)
- European Champion, Masters, modern pentathlon (Estonia 1999)
- Recipient of the honorary title of Maestru al Sportului
Baneth Ivan Peter

- Started swimming at ILSA in 1950, at the age of ten
- His first coach: Freund Emerich
- Reached the youth national swimming finals
- Competitive swimming career ended by a medical condition
- Initially worked as an assistant coach (swimming and water polo)
- Obtained formal coaching credentials
- Has worked with hundreds of mostly young swimmers
- Has had a hand in the development of many future champions
- Omnipresent at the pool in various roles
- Worked as a sports reporter for various newspapers
Szuhanek Gyuri

- Hungarian water polo player and coach (MTK Budapest)
- Member of Hungary's national water polo B team
- Played for MTK in Timisoara's first international polo game (1932)
- Dispatched to Timisoara by Hungary's Swimming Federation (1933)
- Ravasz Pal's task: bring coaching expertise to the city's young athletes
- Stayed with ILSA for five seasons as a player-coach (1933-1937)
- Helped develop the club's future coach, Freund Emerich
- Returned to Hungary to manage MTK's water polo team
- Rated as one of Hungary's best water polo referees

Ravasz Pal
The purpose of this page is to highlight the achievements of a few outstanding athletes and coaches.