Bohunitzky Laszlo (1) and Püllök Jenö (2), multiple national champions in various freestyle events. Freund Emerich (3) coached ILSA's swim team from 1939 until his appointment as the Secretary General of Romania's Swimming Federation in 1945. Photo 1939.
LEFT: Known primarily for his outstanding water polo career, Török Gabor was also a two-time national champion swimmer (1946-1948). RIGHT: Novak Jozsef, Romania's first-ever swimmer to compete in the Olympic Games (Helsinki, 1952). Multiple national champion.
Three water polo players who excelled in swimming as well. Left to right: Püllök Jenö, Retscher Adalbert and Balint Adalbert, multiple national champions in both disciplines. Photo 1940.
Lucian Bagiu, one of Romania's best long-distance swimmers during the 1940s and early 1950s. Has represented Romania in multiple international competitions.
While Lovas Peter is remembered mostly for his stellar coaching career, he was also one of Romania's top swimmers of the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Olympian Hoszpodar Zoltan (left), multiple national champion in both swimming and water polo. Originally from the city of Arad, he joined ILSA for the 1949 season. As a polo player, he participated in two Olympic Games (1952 and 1956). Photo circa 1954.
Multiple national champion swimmer Weinreich Margareta (Greti), née Wiener. Photo 1949, Bulgaria.
Three national champion swimmers who joined ILSA for a short period of time. LEFT: Titus Groza, originally from Târgu Mureș. CENTER & RIGHT: Felix Heitz and Lisbeth Bock, both from Sibiu.
Theodor Schaed (Titi), coach and national champion swimmer
Swimmer, water polo player and referee Tiberiu Babeu, active during the 1950s and early 1960s
ILSA relay team, from left to right: Reuter Nikolaus, Kelemen Stefan, Weinberger Ervin, Lehrer Bandi (circa 1955)