Olympian Koszta Ladislau, Maestru al Sportului. Romania's best swimmer of the 1960s and early '70s. Multiple national champion and national record holder. Has represented Romania in many international competitions (Olympic Games, European Championships, World University Games, Balkan Games, etc.)
The Rolik Brothers: freestyler Francisc (left) and Carol (butterfly), Both are receipients of the honorary title of Maestru al Sportului. Both are multiple national champions and have represented Romania in many international competitions at home and abroad. Their careers continued into the 1970s.
Alexandru Deac, a two-time national champion and one of Romania's best swimmers in the butterfly and individual medley events during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
ILSA swimmer Baneth Ivan Peter, national champion freestyler (early 1960s). Later in life, Baneth became World and European Champion in modern pentahlon (masters).
Codruța Sala (left) and Doina Penția, two national champion swimmers who both became credentialed coaches and went on to produce multiple national champions
Robert Ladner, national champion swimmer (right), pictured here with swimmer and water polo player Sergiu Morariu (Photo circa 1960)
LEFT: Böhm Gabi, national champion in 1967 (4x200 m freestyle relay). RIGHT: Swimmer Kun Gyuri with his sister Judith, a rowing national champion in 1963.
Coach Lovas Peter, with Novak Nora, daughter of Olympian Novak Jozsef (photo 1968)
Two swimming rivals and water polo teammates during the 1960s:
Radu Băncilă (left) and Koch Roderich (photo 1964)
Swimmer and water polo players Böhm Gyuri (left) and Radu Băncilă (right) along with swimmer and coach Codruța Sala (photo circa 1969)
LEFT: Twin brothers Adrian and Cornel Serdineanțu, two nationally-ranked swimmers from coach Stelian Mociuschi's team (photo 1964). RIGHT: Swimmer Nemes Csilla (1964)
Codruța Sala (swimmer and coach), with Ladanyi Francisc (water polo player) (photo circa 1968)
Relaxing at the wading pool, left to right: Sergiu Morariu (Tzulu), Codruța Sala, Ladanyi Eugen (circa 1968)
Swimmer and coach Florian Sala.
Also in the picture: Holger Habetler, a national champion swimmer. Photo late 1960s.
Brothers Toth Andrei (left) and Toth Nandor at the start of their first swim meet in 1968. Along with sisters Timea and Diana, the four Toth siblings were one of ILSA's most successful family of swimmers. Timea swam for Israel at the 1982 Barcelona Olympics.
Swimmer and water polo player Radu Băncilă (1964)
Swimmer Ada Anatol (Böhm), a member of Politehnica Timisoara's swim team (photo 1969)
ILSA swimmers, left to right: Eugen Zăria (Teddy), Ladanyi Eugen, Luci Ghirisan,  Peter Dornhelm, Baneth Ivan Peter