Novak Jozsef at the Helsinki Olympiad, 1952. Novak was Romania's first-ever Olympian in the sport of swimming.
ILSA's Lovas Peter along with other members of Romania's national swim team (early 1950s)
Romania's three-person swimming delegation to the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, including breaststroker Koszta Ladislau (right), coach Lovas Peter (left) and Anca Andrei (backstroker from Resita)
Olympian Koszta Ladislau. At the 1968 Olympiad that took place in Mexico City, Koszta made the semifinals of the 100 meter breaststroke event.
Swimmer Lucian Bagiu (right) conversing with Dr. Petru Groza, Romania's prime minister (1948)
Two ILSA ladies among the swimmers of Romania's national team: Reiser Greti (1) and Weinreich Greti (2) (1949)
Romania's 4x100 freestyle relay, featuring ILSA swimmers Weinreich Greti (1) and Reiser Greti (2) Photo circa 1950
Romania's national swim team. ILSA's Weinreich Greti is 6th from left (1949)
Romania's national swim team (1949), featuring two ILSA swimmers: Lisbeth Bock (1) and Weinreich Greti (2)
Swimmers of Romania's national team (1949), among them a few from ILSA: Weinreich Greti (1), Reiser Greti (2), Lisbeth Bock (3), along with Török Gabor (4), one of the coaches of Romania's swim team.
Members of Romania's swimming and water polo national teams (Snagov, 1951), with many ILSA athletes among them: Hoszpodar Zoltan (1), Titus Groza (2), Novak Jozsef (3), Török Gabor (4), Reiser Margareta (5) and Lisbeth Bock (6).
Swimmers of Romania's national team in Snagov, with two ILSA ladies among them: Weinreich Greti (1) and Reiser Greti (2). The man in the middle is coach Rajki Lajos (3), the brother of Rajki Bela, Hungary's legendary water polo coach. Photo 1949.
Brothers Rolik Francisc (left) and Rolik Carol.
Specialized in freestyle and butterfly events, respectively, the two Roliks represented Romania in multiple international swimming competitions during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
ILSA's Karin Parutsch (left), training with Romania's Olympic team (photo 1974). Also in this photograph: Carmen Bunaciu (right), one of the world's best backstrokers during the 1970s and 1980s.
Olympian Toth Timea, multiple national champion and record holder in both Romania and Israel. Has represented Romania and Israel in many international competitions all over the world (photo 1991)
Breaststrokers Christine Seidl and Toth Andrei. Both have held national records, won national champion titles and represented Romania in multiple international competitions. Andrei is one of Olympian Toth Timea's two older brothers. Photo 1979.
Carmen Alexe, a freestyler who represented Romania in international competitions and received the honorary title of Maestra a Sportului.