The textile factory in its earliest years of existence. Photos circa 1910-1915.
Totis Rezsö (Rudolf), ILSA's long-serving Director-General. Totis led the factory from its earliest days and was a key factor in ILSA's growth and profitability. A multi-faceted person, his impact on the city went well beyond just the factory.
The factory's earliest days. Photo circa 1910, courtesy of Banatul Timisoarei (Facebook Group).
A historic photograph from 1923: King Ferdinand of Romania (1) and Prime Minister Ionel Brătianu (2) visiting the ILSA factory, accompanied by Totis Rezsö (3), ILSA's Director-General.
ILSA's nursery, serving the many mothers working in the factory. Initiated by Director-General Totis Rezsö and his wife Stefania, the nursery was the first of its kind in the country. Photo 1923.
ILSA's nursery. Working mothers were permitted to feed their babies every three hours. Photo 1923.
In the background: ILSA's outlet store on Blvd. Regele Ferdinand, near the Opera House. The store closed down in 1935. Photo from the personal collection of
Daniel Caius Scaueriu .
ILSA factory during the 1960s. Photos from the personal collection of
Daniel Caius Scaueriu
ILSA advertisments in Hungarian (1925-1930), Romanian (1950s-1960s) and German (1923-1936)
Factory interior in 2013 (Source:, Spatii In Asteptare)
This map from 1911 explains the unusual diagonal placement of some old structures right in the middle of an essentially square plot of land. The buildings in question were in alignment with one of the city's diagonal streets.
One of the three surviving buildings of the original factory, located on Blvd. Take Ionescu 46B (as of 2021).