Photo taken shortly after the inauguration of the  pool (1939), featuring Weisz Laci (front center), a member of ILSA's tennis team.
Early pool photo (1939)
Water polo practice session (1940)
Impromptu fashion show featuring original members Flesh Eva (middle) and Schwartz Edith (right). Photo 1940.
The grass-covered berm seating area of the pool, as it looked in 1939.
Left to right: Stern Ilonka, Flesch Eva and water polo player Flesch Bandi.
Swimmer Herzl Bozsi near the floral arrangement that spells ILSA. Tennis courts in the background (1939)
Two of the earliest ILSA members: Schwartz Edith (Farkas) (left) and Benedikt Dezso (1939)
Taussig Pista flying above Hella Mandula (right) (photo circa 1939)