Norman Zoltan, the future goalkeeper of ILSA's Golden Team, in action at the Igiena pool (circa 1937). The closure of the Igiena pool in 1938 forced ILSA to build its own pool.
A historic photograph showing a young Adalbert Sterbenz (Stãnescu), future Maestru Emerit al Sportului, at the Igiena pool (circa 1934)
Photo taken at the Igiena pool, showing local swimmers and members of a visiting team. Among others: ILSA athletes Herzl Magda (1) and Flesch Bandi (2) Photo circa 1937.
MTK Budapest water polo team (photo 1931). MTK's impressive showing at the Igiena pool in 1932 revived Timisoara's interest in water sports. In 1933, Ravasz Pal (see arrow) took charge of ILSA's training and guided the club for five seasons.
Ravasz Pal (photo 1948). Loaned by MTK Budapest to ILSA in 1933, Ravasz Pal coached the club's swimmers and water polo team until the end of the 1937 season.