Players of ILSA's first water polo team. Left to right: Bader Emerich, Flesch Bandi, Freund Emerich, unidentified. In 1945, Freund became the Secretary General of Romania's Swimming and Water Polo Federation. Photo circa 1934.
ILSA athletes (1940) BACK ROW, from left: Norman Zoltan (1st),
Adalbert Sterbenz (Stănescu) (2nd), Balajti Pal (3rd). Front row: Herzl Bozsi (2nd from left).
All others unidentified.
Swimmers Berger Evi, Merkler Juci, Berger Zsuzsi, Herzl Bozsi (from left to right) (1940)
Swimmers and polo players, among them future champions Adalbert Sterbenz (Stănescu), Bohunitzky Laszlo, Balint Adalbert and Molnar Endre (photo 1940)
ILSA team (1940). FRONT ROW, left to right: Kertesz Evi, Berger Evi, Berger Klari, Berger Zsuzsi, unidentified, Herzl Bozsi; MID ROW: Hamburger Gyuri, Nikolits Duci; BACK ROW, left to right: Varadi Gyuri, Kinszki Pista, Albala Sanyi, unidentified, Adalbert Sterbenz (Stănescu), Mausz Marika, unidentified
Swimmers from ILSA and a visiting team (1940)
Participants at an early swim meet (1939). From left to right: Berger Evi, Herzl Bozsi, Berger Zsuzsi, swimmer from Arad, Keller Trude, Berger Klari, plus two swimmers from Târgu Mureș (with swim caps)